Applied Combatives

Isn't It Time YOU Had The Advantage?

Give yourself the last option, the one that bridges the gap between Subject Control and Deadly Force

In Those Rare Moments, Subject Control May Not Be Enough

Yes, having reliable Subject Control skills is foundational.  All other training depends on it and every physical interaction should begin and end with it.

But every now and then it just may not be enough.

There comes a time in every career where you may be faced with a deadly force decision.  This is unfortunate but likely.

But what if you had one more option?  A skill set that measured up to the task but didn't quite require you to alter everyone's life forever?

That skill is what we call Applied Combatives.  Of all the training and attributes a modern police officer is required to have, this often overlooked option just may be the most important one for everyone.

The Problem

Combatives must be programmed.  If it is to be relied upon then it must be there when you need it.  It cannot be theoretical.  It must be absolute.

Yet finding a way to train Combatives intelligently is challenging.  It too often resembles a theoretical exposition.  

Or worse, it turns into a gut-check nightmare that ends up creating more injuries in training then it prevents in the street.

The Advantage: Applied Combatives

Applied Combatives is the highest form of hands on physical force training there is.  It fills that space between standard arrest and control techniques and undeniable deadly force. 

In our Applied Combatives Course we will program you to utilize higher intensity techniques in a reliable yet measured way.  A way that allows you to gain an overwhelming advantage quickly and then power back down to your standard Subject Control.

You will leave this course having that Advantage.  It will not be theoretical, and you will not be injured in training.  It will be absolute. 

What's In It For You

Unlike many courses of this type, our training does not involve teaching a simple index or library of techniques.  We use safe progressions to slowly and reliably build a small set of capabilities, the end result being undeniable outcomes for when you need them most.

Very Little Lecture

This is an End-User Course, it is all about you.  This course is your chance to look out for your own interests, so 90% of it will be drilling.  We will only lecture to help clarify.

Safe, Sensible Progressions

This class will follow a pattern of, simple, easy to follow progressions, the likes of which you've come to expect from a Talon LE Course.  Never anything confusing or overly complex.

Force University Premium

We will video this class.   It will then be tightly edited, clearly organized into Modules with simple learning units, and placed on Force University for your 24/7 reference.

Are You Ready For  The Advantage?

This course is in very high demand and often sells out within hours of opening.  If you would like to be placed on a waiting list please let us know via the Contact Form.


Is there a prerequisite for attending this course?

Yes, you must have attended a CD-1 or CD-1 recertification within the past 3 years.  If you have not been teaching regularly or perhaps don't feel confident with the standard CD-1 entries and transitions we recommend the CD-1 Recert-Applied Combatives combination option, which offers a significant discount in overall tuition.  (Note: this option may not be available for all scheduled events.)

Where does this training exist within the FMS Drilling Structure?

Of course we will spend a little time at the 1D and 2D levels, probably 35% of the class.  After that approximately 50% of the time will be spent at 3D and 15% at 4D.  Remember the science of Dimensional Training; 4D is like Radiation Therapy.  A little bit in a targeted way can be very effective, but too much is deadly.

What do you mean by "Applied" Combatives?

Think of it in the same sense you would Theoretical vs. Applied Chemistry.  Theoretical chemistry is simple information or perhaps even knowledge.  But applied chemistry involves the doing, the usage of it to solve specific problems.  It is beyond mere information or knowledge.  It is wisdom, because it has been applied. 

How much is the tuition and what are the terms?

This course is $900 and must be paid by CC at the time of registration.  Although preference will be given to CC registrants we will consider ACH or paper checks with our terms on a client by client basis.  Contact us if that is your only alternative and we will see what we can do.