Are You Ready To Move Your Hands-On Use of Force Training Into the 21st Century?

Restore Meaning and Purpose to Your In-Service Classes Once and For All

Do The Ghosts of DT-Past Still Haunt Your In-Service Program?

  • Have you struggled when deciding what system to teach, what techniques to use, or even how to develop an effective drill?
  • Do you ever wonder why your officers aren't "getting it" or aren't more enthusiastic about what you are teaching?
  • Are you perplexed as to why even the best martial arts techniques, (even BJJ) don't seem to transfer over very well?
  • Do your officers keep challenging you about a technique, even before you've finished explaining?
  • Does the Department Alpha interrupt you and try to dominate your class?
  • Do you ever seem to lose the momentum or enthusiasm in your class, and then struggle to get it back?
  • Are you overwhelmed with too many mandated or overly complex techniques to teach?
  • Worst of all, are your officers simply not using the techniques you are giving them?

What would be the effect on your class if you could easily address these issues and simply move on?

We Will Teach You the Highest Functioning and Most Serviceable System Available Today, While Moving You Into The Top 10% Of  All Instructors.

Simplify Your Process, Enjoy Teaching

From desired outcomes to functional drilling patterns, we will show you how to set up a class your officers will trust and you will believe in.

Increase The Training ROI and Value

The Contact Dominance curriculum is fully flexible.  It integrates with and actually enhances almost any other system or method you currently use.

Eliminate The Stress and Focus on the Class

You will learn to create a simple yet stellar lesson plans in 10 minutes or less, one that your officers will love you for.

Utilize Micro Sessions For Efficiency

If you're looking to increase your officer capabilities then consider adopting a  Micro-Session Strategy.  Learn how you can maximize your training time.

Run Your Program Like a Pro, get the Rewards

Create high enthusiasm and maintain your class momentum.  Know exactly what to say and how to handle challenges.

Align Everyone's Interests

From the concerns of your officers, instructors,  supervisors, and even to the community, learn a simple way to place everyone's interests on the same track.

Receive High Officer Approval

Hear about your officers using your material in the street, and have them asking you for more frequent training.

Measure True Capabilities

Use the FMX Standard, our accurate but fair system for measuring true capability that doesn't pigeonhole those who need a little extra help.

Contact Dominance is a truly fresh approach to hands on use of force training. We guarantee You'll never view DT/Subject Control the same way again.  

Our Graduates never struggle with keeping their officers engaged.  Learn what it means to gain high officer approval, especially when something you taught saves a life.

We Know What It Feels Like To... learn a new system only to have it fall flat when we tried to teach it

…when the class we've put tons of effort into is criticized, unappreciated, or even ridiculed teach great techniques but realize that our officers simply aren't using them in the street worry about our officers being hurt or killed because we were forced to teach too many empty, overly complex or mandated techniques

We know exactly what that feels like because we've struggled with it too.

You Are The Hero...Let Us Be Your Guide

Let Us Help You Put An End To The Frustration and Dissatisfaction So You Can Finally Believe in DT Again.

Let Us Help You Win. 
(And Have Fun While Doing It)

Follow these next steps:

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    Pick a Date
    Nothing feels better than to let go of doubt and make a firm decision.  Choose right now to take the next step in moving your Subject Control Program into the 21st Century. 
  2. 2
    Get your approval and spend the 30 seconds it takes to register. (That's less time than to order a coffee!)
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    Get Stoked
    All joking aside, get ready to change the way you see hands on use of force training forever.  And prepare to learn an entirely new framework that connects the dots and makes your program meaningful again.  We guarantee you'll have the most fun you've ever had at a Certification Event.

The Simple Truth

At Talon Global we know your are the kind of instructor who wants their in-service class to be the best it can possibly be. 

In order to get there you need BOTH the highest-percentage techniques AND a Formula for transferring skills, a proven method that actually gets you there.

The Problem

The problem is there are too many styles, drills, and techniques to choose from, not to mention the mandated nonsense you are likely required to at least brush over every year.

When you combine this ocean of options with a gross lack of training time, you end up delivering a class that is at best confusing and at worst unusable.

This in turn causes your officers to reject both you and your classes, leaving you to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and ultimately dissatisfied with teaching.

The Solution...Simplified

That's why we've isolated and exposed the true, often hidden problems within most DT, and simplified the process of successful program implementation for you.

Here's how it works...

1. We will show you how to clearly define the key outcomes for your department, and then feel zero guilt about ditching everything that isn't truly essential

2. We will help you to choose only the right type and number of techniques based on a simple screening equation that anyone can understand

3. We will take you step by step in building effective drills, the core element for genuine skill transfer, customized for the nature of your application

4. We will then personally help you to build a series of simple 1-page lesson plans, ready to go,  that you can feel 100% confident about delivering

It's Up To You

Isn't it time to stop stressing out over your classes and enjoy being the instructor again?

Once you understand the simple logic for designing a Serviceable program, you can actually look forward to teaching your class and receive the genuine officer approval you deserve.

So make a decision.  Pick a date to train, secure your spot by registering, and get ready to experience the new face of DT.

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